About ChefBear


In this game players can experience many different maps while simultaneously cooking dishes with different tools and expanding the number of recipes and ingredients at their disposal.

After cooking more and more dishes players can advance further in the map. Remember, if you get lost just find your assistant to help you!


World Map   


Currently ChefBear has many types of map adventures depicting different countries.

At first, players will start at one map and after cooking more dishes and building experience they can purchase a flight ticket and experience different maps.

In every map, players will experience all different kinds of recipes, ingredients and dishes which are specific to a particular country. In order to unlock a recipe a player needs to pass a stage with three stars. 





After clicking you will enter the Stage Panel. The Stage Panel expresses many pieces of information such your current record, conditions to pass, recipes and tools. 



Upgrade Your Shop: upgrading your flooring, decorations, wallpaper and chairs will allow you to reduce your cooking steps and make your cooking time faster.

Character Information: Here is where information on your character will be displayed, such as their efficiency and skills. Players can change their assistants or upgrade them too.


●Stage Type


Stages: Golden Coin, Satisfaction, Gathering.


1.  Golden Coin Stage (yellow)

If you accumulate enough golden coins you may pass the level. Serving your dishes to customers and picking up a fee from guests will turn into golden coins.


2.  Satisfaction Stage (red)

If you accumulate enough Satisfaction points you may pass the level. You will receive satisfaction points after you serve a customer’s order. The level of satisfaction you receive depends on the patience level of each customer!


3.  Gathering Stage (blue)

Collecting enough specified items will allow you to pass the level. After the person who has eaten has left you can randomly pick up the accessory that they left. 



Be careful when picking up specified accessories. Picking up the correct accessory will allow you to reach the passing score, however picking up the wrong accessory will mean that you lose satisfaction points and lose some money that you gained.


●About Customer


Customer satisfaction levels are separated into 3 groups:


Green: if you serve a customer during the green period you can gain a high reward.

Yellow: if you serve a customer during the yellow period you can gain a medium-level reward.

Red: if you serve a customer during the red period you won’t receive a reward.


If a customer’s patience runs out they will immediately leave the restaurant and you will not receive a reward. If a customer runs out of patience you will know because they will have steam coming from their ears and will disturb you when you are cooking. So, it is important you pay attention to a customer’s patience level!



●How to Play


Every player has three stoves and while you are waiting for your dish to be completed you can switch to another stove and continue cooking.


If you order the wrong dish and want to throw it away you must completely finish cooking this dish first before being able to throw it away in the trash can on the bottom right of the screen. You cannot throw it away during the cooking process.



●Fever Time


When completing a stage, you will receive Fever points from your helper and your guests.


Fever Time points will be collected on the right side of the screen in the heart image. During this cooking process, the cooking steps you need and the time needed will decrease a lot.



When this icon reaches 50% you can activate your Fever Time. 




When this icon reaches 100% you can deploy your Fever Time for a long time. 



Players can use the skills of the Assistant to win a game. Each Assistant also has their own special skills.

For example, Kwintie's "Enchanting Magic " can randomly complete a dish within a certain time. However, the skill will have a cool down time and cannot be used continuously, so it is necessary to calculate the timing when using the skill to maximize the effect.



●Result Panel


A result panel will appear after the round has been completed whether you win or lose and will display your performance score.


Success panel:

will display how many stars you received from this performance and how many points and rewards were accumulated in the process.


Failure panel:

will display accumulated points and why you didn’t pass the stage.


●Treasure Chest

After you complete an ordinary level and hidden level, and when you have accumulated a specified number of stars you can open the treasure chest and receive awards.

Hidden inside the treasure chest are many kinds of prizes including plane tickets which will allow you to travel to another country to partake in the map adventure challenge there.





●About Restaurant


This is the player’s restaurant.

Players can design the restaurant as they desire and cook dishes to serve their customers in their restaurant in order to receive all kinds of prizes!



Restaurant Decoration


Players can decide how to decorate their restaurant in order to increase the attractiveness of their restaurant and improve the overall reputation.

When decorating your restaurant you can click this icon in order to choose furniture that you already have, or you can click this iconin order to purchase new pieces of furniture for your restaurant.


The more types of furniture that you use in your restaurant the more customers you will attract to your restaurant and achieve more prizes!



Create Furniture

Players can create all different kinds of furniture. Surplus furniture can be turned into dust in order to create more furniture.




Players can cook many types of dishes here in order to attract customers to come into their restaurant and eat food. If you cook the food well for your customers you can increase the likelihood of obtaining rare accessories for use in the kitchen. 


Tap the iconto start cooking!

If you have the recipe and ingredients you can start to cook! Different ingredients and recipes can be obtained in the stages of the map adventure.

After you cook your dish you can put it on display on your restaurant for a short time. After a while you will gain benefits. The more difficult the dish you create the more rewards you will be able to obtain.

pressing this button    This will allow you to change the outlook of your restaurant in order to increase its attractiveness to potential customers! 

Restaurant Card


Brief Introduction 


Player’s Restaurant Card 

Here you can see a player’s nickname, restaurant status and reputation level. Also you will see a special introductory message from the player. 


Players can obtain many different types of frames from playing the activities in the game. Players can change the design frame as many times as they want when playing. 

The more activities a player plays the more opportunities there are to receive more and more awards and prizes.  


Reputation Level 

Adding furniture to your restaurant can increase your reputation level. A better reputation level can allow you to increase the number of golden coins you receive alongside fever points and an increase in your gathering rate




Brief Introduction


We have 6 different maps to choose from whereby you can use a range of skills and accessories to battle against your opponent.


There are two types of battle - quick play and custom play. Choosing to participate in quick play will mean that the computer will generate a random player for you to battle whereas if you choose custom play you can invite your friend to come and battle with you! Only by playing the quick play mode can you accumulate points and climb the leaderboard! 



Battle Accessories


During the battle you can choose 2 accessories to deploy at any given time. In total there are 4 categories of accessories; counter-attack, enhance, disturbance and attack. They all have different functions and you must choose wisely to pair them together to beat your opponent!


Winning Requirements 

On the left side is your team, on the right side is your opponent’s team! After you complete a customer’s dish, your team will increase in strength. The more dishes you complete, the stronger you become and you can use this strength before the contest is over in order to help defeat your opponent or gain more rewards. Your points will be displayed on your team’s flag.



Complete the three required dishes in the allocated space of time in order to increase your strength and gain points for your team. Be quick!



Each customer has a different coloured plate above their head indicating difficulty of the dish. Yellow is the most difficult, followed by blue and ending with green being the easiest to prepare. 


Angel and Devil

When you complete a dish using your Angel customer you can receive extra benefits for your team. Completing a dish using your Devil customer will enable you to attack your opponent during game times. Applying either of these features will allow you to score an advantage over your competitor and win the battle!

Avata for Customers




Every customer has different skills and qualities which will become apparent in their respective maps. As long as you meet ther demands you can increase the satisfaction rate! From stranger to companion you can gain different styles for using in your game experience. Come and unlock this now! 

Side Games





We offer 5 different side games to play in the game and everyday there will be a different game to play which allows you to avail of different prizes at all times. The number of times you can  play the side game per day is limited but you can watch an advertisement or use an accessory to unlock the unlimited play feature which allows you to play endlessly. 





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