【FAQ】 Q1. How to download CHEF BEAR?

We had launched two versions including iOS/Android, scan the QR code in main page or click below link.

  Android :https://goo.gl/To5Css

 【FAQ】 Q2. If I want to log in by third party account, what choices do I have?

You can log in by Facebook or Google account.

 【FAQ】 Q3.How can I make the cut in game?

Players beat the level and move into the next. There are thee ways to make the cut in level, “income mode“, ”satisfaction mode”, “collection mode”. Remember to pay attention of the condition of winning!

Try to go to the part time area to collect tools to help you beat the level more easily.

There are different games in part time area each day, you earn different tools in different games.

 【FAQ】 Q4. What can helpers do?

The concept of Chef Bear is to run a fine restaurant, you play the chef in the game and your helper help you serve the customers.

Some helper has the skill to calm the customers, some can even kick out the bad ones. Each helper has its own skill, collect the fragments can help you unlock more helpers.

 【FAQ】 Q5. What can I do in ”My Restaurant”? What does this section deal with Map Adventure?

Begin your own business and decorate your restaurant according to your preference.

You can collect recipe while earning Three stars in each level. And that's the only way for you cook and sell the dish in your restaurant. The coins you earn in the restaurant can also help you go more smoothly in the Map Adventure. The ingredients you received in each level can help you with the “delivery mission” in My Restaurant.


 【FAQ】 Q6. Can I change my helper?

Yes, please reach “PERSONAL”>”HELPER”>”SELLECT”

 You can collect the fragments to get more helpers or purchase them by diamonds.

 【FAQ】 Q7. What is “Bear Gem “and “Bear Biscuits”? How can I get them?

“Bear Gem” is for player to upgrade the restaurant. “Bear Biscuits “can help you upgrade your helpers.

Beat levels in Map Adventure or play games in Part Time Area, complete the Bear Mission. Above are ways to collect these items.


 【FAQ】 Q8. What can make it easier to beat each level?

Of course to upgrade the restaurant and your helpers! Helpers can deal with the customer and upgrading your restaurant can lessen the cooking steps.

 【FAQ】 Q9. How can I unlock Other countries map?

If you want to go to other countries, please check the level of the country. (Enter “Adventure”> ”Map”)

For example, Japan is a Two Star Level map, so you have to get a Two Star Level Plane Ticket enable to unlock the Japan Map. Only to finish all levels in one map can receive the treasure chest and get the plane ticket!

 【FAQ】 Q10. My phone is Android 8 system and the game is unable to be authorized. How do I solve the problem?

Step1: Press “setting”, and enter “apps”

Step2: Find “Chef Bear” and enter.

Step3: Enter “permissions”

Step4: Swich open



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