9Kwintie, a Taiwanese black bear, loves to travel and try new food. Join him as he travels to the most exotic locations to cook hundreds of exotic recipes in a famous chain of restaurants.

A foodie at heart, Kwintie's travels will take him all around the world learning about the world of cooking.

When you visit Taiwan, learn how to make 30 Taiwanese recipes, including Taiwanese steamed dumplings and bubble tea, and visit Taiwan's most famous landmarks including one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Take a break from cooking, by collecting ingredients for the restaurant. Join Kwintie out on the lake as he goes fishing, or take a drive out into the wild to hunt. There's a lot to learn and discover in Chef Bear.




Kwintie:Kwintie is an aspiring chef from Taiwan, who's love of cooking has taken him to locations like Japan, Italy, Brazil and the United Kingdom.  Known as a chef who will taste anything and everything, Kwintie has tried food from the most exotic locations and brought the best to the Chef Bear game.


Lermé:Famous writer Lermé has written tons of books on cooking and baking, and enjoys taking the time to share her tips with her fans online. Her weakness is cakes and although she a piece of cake, she makes sure she gets out and about. Find her in the kitchen or in her local park where she's training for the city marathon!


Telly:Telly is a famous British chef, who worked hard in the industry to be recognized. Starting with £7 in his pocket, Telly got a job cleaning dishes at one of the top restaurants in London and the rest is history. Today, Telly works with his friends bringing cooking to the world and sharing everything that he has learnt.

Become a Master Chef

Do you want to know how your favorite food is made? Or how to cook exciting new recipes from places like Taiwan, Japan or Italy? Simply download Chef Bear and learn how to cook food from all over the world. Easily cook 100s of recipes using your phone's gyroscope - really feel like you are cutting vegetables, flipping a pan, shaking up a bubble tea, or pouring sauce by simply moving your phone. 


Travel the World

Kill two birds with one stone by travelling the world and learning how to cook. Jump over to Chef Bear's Taiwanese restaurant and learn how to make delicious dumplings and tasty bubble tea, while listening to Taiwanese music and serving Taiwanese customers. Travel to the British restaurant overlooking the London Eye and Buckingham Palace and learn all about British food.


Western Cuisine

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Western cuisine, from countries in Europe and the colonies is diverse and delicious. From British food to American food, there is something for everyone. Sauces, condiments, seasoning and accompaniments are popular in most Western dishes and make each dish even more delicious. Take Britain's Bangers and Mash for example, the gravy topping this dish is made from the juices of the sausages and make this dish irresistible. Download the app to learn how to cook 100s of tasty recipes from the West, including sausage rolls and toad in the hole.



Cook for fun, eat for real


Learn how to cook food from around the world, and learn what they actually taste like! Unlock achievements to get free vouchers and discounts at participating restaurants near you. Also, save your favorite recipes in printable format so you can make them in your own kitchen. 



Buy Event Cards
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Chef Bear is not only a cooking game but a way to interact and compete with friends online. Buy event cards to send tanks to sabotage your competition, or send them annoying customers to slow down their progress. Just make sure you buy insurance so you don't go out of business when they send an event card your way!


Quick Fire Games

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Play quick fire games to collect ingredients for your restaurant. Designed to be quick and simple, these games are truly addictive. Simply increase your score by collecting the most ingredients when you go fishing, hunting, and plate throwing.
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